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Jan Mortier

Chairman of the Civitatis Forum

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Jan Mortier served as Rapporteur for the Commission on Globalisation State of the World Forum Sovereignty After Iraq conference at the Bibliotheque Salvoy and European Parliament in Brussels, for whom he wrote conference background papers. He went on to serve as Rapporteur for Mikhail Gorbachev's World Political Forum in Turin, where he wrote the reports of the proceedings of conferences of heads of state and world leaders for several years  including its annual report and contributed to board meetings of the forum. He co-authored the book Ideas for a New World from the World Political Forum. (Amazon 2017).


Mr. Mortier has also served as Rapporteur for the Non Governmental Process of the Community of Democracies in Santiago, Chile, for whom he assisted in co-drafting the Document for Ministerial Consideration that was presented to the Third Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Democracies. He was later appointed an associate of the Council for a Community of Democracies and promoted the community to members of parliament and the government in the United Kingdom.


Jan Mortier has been the editor of several reports for conferences at the European Parliament and has given evidence to the UK Parliament about the Future of Europe. He has held federal party positions in a UK political party and served as campaign manager for candidates for local and general elections. He has been a caseworker for a Member of Parliament and a freelance researcher for a Member of the House of Lords.


After leaving UK politics Mr. Mortier worked at the International Secretariat of the Club of Rome in Switzerland serving two consecutive Secretary Generals, who were formerly of the OECD and World Bank.


He has spoken in the presence of the Prime Minister of Japan about the coming global challenges for the world economy as the only British speaker at the policy forum of the first India Japan Global Partnership Summit in Tokyo, a summit of the top two hundred business leaders from each country. He has also chaired panels of ministers and business leaders for Public Private Partnership for investment in Azerbaijan at the Annual Assembly of the Crans Montana Forum in Baku and written papers on energy and environmental future security for the Club de Nice.


Mr. Mortier established the Civitatis Forum for the pleasure of the Ambassadors to the Court of St. James's.