Jan Mortier

Jan Mortier is Honorary Chairman of the Civitatis Forum. Mr. Mortier began his career as a researcher in public international law and as a consultant for an oil and gas pipeline construction company. He later served as Rapporteur for President Mikhail Gorbachev's World Political Forum in Italy, where he wrote the reports of the proceedings of conferences of numerous former and serving Heads of State, distilling their deliberations on global governance.


He has been the editor of several reports of conferences at the European Parliament and was invited to give written evidence for the UK Parliament about the Future of Europe. After a foray into UK party politics, Mr. Mortier went on to work at the International Secretariat of the Club of Rome in Switzerland serving two consecutive Secretary Generals of the Club.


Mr. Mortier is an expert in the future of energy security and macro-industrial and socio-economic development strategies.